We’ve been shopping for a wood burning fireplace to replace a decorative builder-grade unit and have spoken with installers across four counties. The product lines have ranged from near-junk to luxury custom installs and the sales people from misinformed to veteran specialist. We were sold on a Valcourt from a reputable dealer until we met Austin at SOMD Hearth.

I work in a technical field and appreciate subject matter experts who truly understand all aspects of their work. I also take the time to learn as much as I can so I don’t get swindled or regret purchasing a product which ultimately doesn’t meet our needs. Austin not only added to my knowledge but he also presented options we hadn’t considered which showed the depth of his experience. He patiently answered my technical and install questions while also walking my spouse through the basics of modern, high-efficiency fireplaces. I never felt we were being sold to but instead guided through the process and taught by an expert.

Ultimately, SOMD Hearth was exactly what we were looking for and won our business on the depth of knowledge, experience, product lines, and having someone like Austin stand behind his work.